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CrossFit MorgantownThroughout my entire life, I have always been a competitive individual who loved to workout and lift weights. I began competitive pageantry at 15. At the time, I was 5’7 and weighed around 155 pounds. I was placed on a stage with a spotlight shining down on me. I was measured and told that I would need to lose X amount of inches from different parts of my body before I was “fit” to compete. This spiraled into an eating disorder that I battled for the next 4 years of my life. I lost 55 pounds in less than four months and that was just the beginning. I became very sick and refused to eat any food. I would look in the mirror and see a “fat” image of myself. The mental disorder I dealt with came very close to killing me, but more importantly it put my family through extreme turmoil.

The next few years continued to be a terrible battle with my mind and food. With the help of a wonderful trainer, I eventually became smarter about eating healthy and working out to get stronger rather than skinnier. I needed a change from the monotonous day-to-day gym routine, so I began trying different types of workouts, but nothing seemed to fit.

I joined Crossfit Morgantown in March and I can truly say that I have “beat” the evil eating disorder. Yes, I love the challenging workouts that crossfit puts me through, but more importantly, I love the people. The community is real. It’s a place to meet great friends who all have a similar mentality. They know what you are putting yourself through because they are beside you pushing you to your absolute maximum. They become your “family.” The box is a healthy atmosphere where regardless of your fitness goals, someone will be pushing you, motivating you, and helping you every step of the way. It’s an environment for children, teenagers, and adults to grow stronger together in. On top of making a ton of great friends, I have changed both physically and mentally. I walk into the box and truly want to be “Better Than Yesterday.” I owe that to the wonderful community at Crossfit Morgantown, thank you! 🙂


Flyer TemplateI joined Morgantown Crossfit in February 2014. I had thought about joining for at least 6 months, but knew nothing about Crossfit. I passed the sign nearly every day and always thought maybe one day I will join. When I mentioned to friends and family I was thinking about joining a Crossfit gym they all had the same response. “It’s really intense”, “That is too hard”, “Are you sure you want to do that to yourself”, Why don’t you just start walking”. I knew I needed a change and I decided on my own to give Crossfit a try. The first class was intimidating. Honestly, sitting in the parking lot prior to the class was intimidating! Having no idea what to expect or how difficult the class would be was scary, but I paid the money and I was going to give it my best!

It wasn’t easy. Going from doing nothing to a hard, structured workout was difficult. I was happy to see the coaches focused on technique and proper form. The last thing I wanted to do was get hurt. I am not a competitive person by nature. I have never needed to be the strongest, fastest or finish first. My goal is to finish and that is what I did. I continued with a three month renewal to see if I still enjoyed the program and then another six month renewal. I have found an exercise regimen that I don’t have to think about because someone else has already done that for me. I just have to show up and be prepared to work as hard as I can! I love Crossfit because I am not competing with anyone other than myself. I am there to do my best! I love my 7am crew and the Morgantown Crossfit community. This is the most encouraging, supportive, and hardworking group of people I have ever met!

When I began my journey I knew I needed a change, but didn’t know that I would be changing my life. When I started I was close to my heaviest weight ever! Since I started I have cut my cholesterol & triglycerides in half and lost 30 pounds! I have improved my overall health and nutrition, gained strength, confidence and have become an inspiration to those around me! I am very proud to say that I have completely changed my life and Crossfit was the fundamental component I needed to get the results I had always hoped for!

You never know what you are truly capable of until you are challenged in a way that makes you want to improve. The drive and determination has to come from within for results. I never found that before Morgantown Crossfit and I am thankful I finally did!


Flyer TemplateWhen Porter was two, we had tried gymnastics, dance, and StrongKids classes with her but she didn’t seem to take an interest in any of the programs. When Porter started Crossfit Kids, she was shy, quiet, and wouldn’t even look at Ashley. After just two weeks, she was excited and wanted to go to Crossfit Kids EVERY day. Her attitude had completely changed. She is now confident in herself and knows she is strong. At dinner time, she talks about eating healthy foods for her body and can even explain what integrity and teamwork mean. She told me once that I just needed to “believe in yourself.” All of these concepts that she now understands are a direct result of her participation in Crossfit Kids. I can feel good about involving her in a healthy positive community while the adults involved in Crossfit set a positive example of a fit lifestyle. Knowing that she understands how important fitness and healthy eating are makes it much easier to participate in healthy activities as a family. Our workouts may not be the same, but Crossfit has brought our family together by giving us something we can all share and enjoy


Flyer TemplateAs I approach my one-year CrossFit anniversary I would like to share some reflections on my overall experience.

When you look into CrossFit, often times you encounter the argument that it’s too expensive, dangerous, and cult like… Wrong, wrong, sorta wrong! When you actually get to the meat of it, the bottom line will tell you the truth. It’s cheaper than a cell phone data plan, cable, or going out on the town 2x a month. It’s safer than your morning commute, heart + cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity. However, it does ignite a sense of community and empowerment that organically pulls everyone closer together as a larger whole.

I started CrossFit Morgantown with the August 2013 101-class based on a suggestion from my awesome wife. Prior to starting, I had no exposure to CrossFit and didn’t even know what it was. After I YouTube’d a few Glassman video’s I was sure the whole thing was a hoax akin to Spinal Tap or something. Watching these people kipping pull-ups, throwing balls around, jumping on boxes, and squatting…..all that squatting! I thought to myself: that’s too easy looking, that’s not how one gets “in shape”.

Prior to CrossFit, I foolishly thought I was in decent shape. I’ve always attended a “bargain” gym where I routinely went through the motions of what I thought it took to stay “in-shape” but surely enough my thirties snuck up on me and it just wasn’t happening. After the first workout of the 101 class everything I thought I knew had changed immediately and drastically. After a 5 minute AMRAP of box jumps, wall balls, and push-ups I was cooked! I immediately went from thinking I was in decent shape to a 1.5 on a 1-10 fitness scale. The next day I could hardly walk let alone come back for another session in the same week…Talk about a wake up call!

CrossFit is fantastically efficient at immediately revealing your weaknesses and at the same time stretching you to the limit of your mental and physical capacity (in a good way). If you like to be challenged, work hard, don’t quit, have fun and be in the best shape of your life then CrossFit Morgantown will work for you. It’s simply a place where the average person can train like a Hero!

Currently, I’m in the best shape of my life and that has only been consistently improving. Over this past year these sayings mean more than ever: nothing worth doing is easy, and all the magic happens outside of your comfort zone. For me, I want to go to a place that wants me to be there. At CrossFit Morgantown, I can take my kids (they love it and it’s free), I know everyone’s name(I was at my last gym for 6 years and I didn’t really know anyone), I guarantee something awesome will happen (scientific fact).


Flyer TemplateWhen my son Braeden finished his 7th grade wrestling season, his coach said the key element he was lacking was CONFIDENCE. He also suggested that if he could build STRENGTH he would naturally feel more confident. As a nervous mom who had heard the negatives of kids lifting too early, I wasn’t sure how we were going to accomplish this goal. Braeden is the type of kid who would attempt to run through a wall for his coach, but if he works out with his dad, things get a bit… tense. My husband and I knew we needed an environment with a coach, and we had been hearing so much about Crossfit Morgantown.

Braeden has been doing Crossfit now for 4 months. He loves it!!!! Every time he gets in the car, I ask, “How was it?” and his response is always some form of, “So hard, but so fun!” With the exception of wrestling, I have never seen him enjoy something so much. He loves telling me stories about how challenging it is and how supportive everyone in the gym is. As a 13 year old, he could easily be overlooked in a group of adults, but he has always felt welcome, important, and encouraged. This is huge for the ego of a young guy! He talks about his Crossfit friends often, has nicknames for many of them, and loves the attention and sense of belonging they have given him.

The original goal was for him to do Crossfit until the fall when Cross Country started. Now, he has decided to continue with Crossfit instead because he loves it so much and feels like it will better prepare him for wrestling season. As his parents, we have to agree, because although the season is still several months away, he recently attended a wrestling camp which he has been going to for years, and this year, the coach went on and on about his overall improvement since last summer. As a bonus, the camp has a strength event on the final day. Braeden has wanted to finish in the top spot in this event for years. Well, this year he came closer than ever! He was one of the last guys standing in a group of kids ranging in age from 12 to 17. Hmmmm… I wonder why he is gaining STRENGTH? And… Could seeing this goal is in sight be good for his CONFIDENCE?

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