“An infected mind is a far more dangerous pestilence than any plague- one only threatens your life, the other destroys your character.” –  Marcus Aurelius 

Many are experiencing added stress and anxiety during this time. One thing you can try is Aromatherapy. 

What Is Aromatherapy? 

Aromatherapy is a practice based on the use of aromatic materials with hopes of improving psychological or physical well-being.

Varying forms of aromatherapy has been around for thousands of years. There are uses documented throughout many ancient cultures of “aromatic plants” being used for therapeutic and religious/spiritual rituals. 

Is There Any Science To Suggest This Actually Works? 

Admittedly, there is a need for more clinical research on Aromatherapy’s effect on mental health. There have been a number of clinical studies on aromatherapy and physical pain management, however, and I have shared some of those below. I have also shared a list of some ongoing testing that is currently taking place. As Aromatherapy becomes a more popular option for many individuals, more research is being done. The big takeaway from a lot of the research suggests that there is some positive effects of aromatherapy on pain management. See this excerpt from “The Effectiveness of Aromatherapy in Reducing Pain: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis”:

“This study found a significant positive effect of aromatherapy in reducing pain. These results indicate that aromatherapy should be considered a safe addition to current pain management procedures as no adverse effects were reported in any of the included studies. Additionally, the cost associated with aromatherapy is far less than the cost associated with standard pain management treatment.” 

In addition, the basic research suggests that there is little to no risk of harm from incorporating aromatherapy into your health routine when used safely. So perhaps it’s worth a try. For information on safe use of essential oils, check out this article from Pharmacy Today entitled “A peek into safe use of essential oils.” 

Personal Experience 

Honestly, we use Aromatherapy in our home on a very regular basis. I love diffusing essential oil blends and find that certain smells elevate my mood and makes our home have a more positive feel. There’s something about a fresh natural scent to promote peace of mind in our home. I also find that aromatherapy forces me to take a deep breath. The simple act of conscious breathing works wonders! Both anecdotally and in clinical studies, individuals have reported that using certain scents can help reduce anxiety, create a calming effect, and help with feelings of depression. 

COVID-19 Diffuser Recipes

Here are 7 recipes I created using some of my favorite oils that are known for helping with stress relief and mood boosting qualities. 

Fresh Relaxation 

3 drops lemon 

4 drops lavender


Woody Confidence 

5 drops orange 

3 drops frankincense

2 drops cedarwood   


Spring Relief

3 drops lavender  

3 drops orange 

2 drops geranium   


Inner Calm 

4 drops grapefruit 

3 drops frankincense 

3 drops patchouli 


Citrus Mellow 

4 drops grapefruit 

3 drops ylang ylang 



3 drops peppermint 

3 drops lemon 


Lime Boost 

3 drops lime 

2 drops tangerine 

2 drops melaleuca (tea tree) 


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Aromatherapy May Make Good Scents, But Does It Work?