Membership & Pricing

Home Membership $65

  • Level Method based at-home workouts, released daily via Wodify
  • White board briefing video for each workout, released daily via the private member’s page
  • Guided “Mental and Physical Recovery Flow” video, released daily via the private member’s page (The goal here is to provide a stress relief, stretching, and positive mindset/breathing session)
  • Access to 3  Zoom classes per day.
  • Access to weekly Zoom social and educational gatherings
  • Admission to the private member’s facebook group
  • Subscription to the CFM emails that include important member updates, holistic health blog and podcast posts, and additional resources for your health journey
  • 20 minute personal teleconference call with a staff member to discuss goals and establish a personalized plan for your success
  • Personal login for the Wodify App allowing you to view home workouts, record your daily workout results and performance, track your nutrition, and stay connected to other members.
  • Daily workouts that can be performed at home using minimal space requirements and little to no equipment.
  • Intro Call With CrossFit Morgantown Owner
  • Receive a 20 minute personal teleconference call with CrossFit Morgantown Owner, Jeff Giosi, to discuss goals, assess your current fitness level, and establish a plan to best serve you.
  • Daily workout briefing videos from a certified CrossFit coach that includes a thorough review of the workout and options for scaling to meet your specific fitness level and prevent injury
  • Daily accessory work and mobility exercises that focus on specific muscle groups and mobility


$ 110.00
Includes home membership plus gymnasium classes

Unlimited Membership $110

  • This INCLUDES HOME MEMBERSHIP, as well as:
  • Access to classes within the physical facility
  • All equipment for WODs provided
  • Discounts/free access to other programs offered at the gym
  • Discounts on select merchandise
  • Invites to special gym events and workouts
  • Discount price of $90 for students


$ 20.00
If you are interested in dropping in, please contact us!


Virtually coached workout every Saturday from 10-11am via Zoom. CLICK HERE