Our mission is to use fitness as a catalyst to support our community and help others recognize their full potential through… friendship, love, and loyalty. 

In 2020, we want to help you take charge of your personal wellness and focus on making positive changes in your life. Whether the positive changes be physical, mental, emotional, in our community, in the gym, as spouses, parents, friends, colleagues, family members, in any way, it all must start with the right mindset. Remember: Making positive change in your life and the lives of others isn’t easy. Just like your fitness routine, positive mindset takes training. 

Mindset plays an important role in your physical training, but did you know that your fitness program can also help your mindset? 


“It is exercise alone that supports the spirits, and keeps the mind in vigor.” – Cicero


Here are 5 ways physical training can help your mindset: 

  1. Increased mental capacity. Allowing you to focus better on your life purpose. Whether you know exactly what your purpose in this world is, or if you are still searching, mental clarity can help you. Just remember: Each and every one of you has a unique and essential purpose. 
  2. More energy. Exercise is energizing. This can lead to better productivity and a less exhausted approach to whatever life may throw at you. Your life purpose is too important not to give it every ounce of energy you can muster. 
  3. More discipline. Discipline leads to more discipline. When disciplined in one area, it transfers to other areas of life, including the process of mental and spiritual formation. 
  4. Forced rest. Exercise can help with this in a few ways. – It makes you tired at the end of the day (a good kind of tired) leading to better sleep. It also provides a more balanced outlook on life. – When exercising you can’t check emails or use social media as easily. It forces you to unplug, and feel more peaceful and rested from the pressures of the world.
  5. Other tasks seem lighter. After you’ve pushed your body to an extreme, the other strenuous parts of the day have less impact. You’re more fit for the journey, tiring less and exceling more. This makes you more prepared for the opportunities that come your way. 

Whatever your goal may be, let CrossFit Morgantown help you this year. Having a positive mindset will play a critical role in supporting your life goals. Just remember to believe that you can do it (whatever “it” is) and you are worthy, because you are. Each day, just like you make time for exercise and nutrition, make time to visualize yourself reaching your goals and let the CrossFit Morgantown community help to lift you up. 


“Eighty percent of success is showing up.” – Woody Allen