Matt Kelly

CrossFit Morgnatown is full of the best people around. If you have been looking for a place that excels in fitness, but specializes in personality you’ve come to the right place!

1.    How long have you been a member at CFM?
– I’ve been a member at CFM since 2017.
2.    Why did you join?
– I joined at first for the usual vapid reasons, or so I thought. You know, weight loss…wanting to look like Ryan Reynolds. But, after sitting down with Jeff Giosi, he dug deep and helped me realize that I truly just wanted to be STRONG, both physically and mentally. CFM has become home for me, and my morning “therapy” each day.
3.    What do you love most about CFM? / What keeps you coming back each month?
– What do I love most about CFM? Duh…the community! Seriously though, everyone from the coaches to the members has always been so supportive. It’s so great to work out and motivate one another, while also sharing jokes and cracking smiles. Not to mention the LOVE that everyone showed to me and my wife after tragically losing our son in August 2021. I wouldn’t be here today without that support.
4.    What is your current occupation? And/or what are some hobbies, clubs, groups, or activities you participate in? 
– I am the Program Director and Afternoon Personality on 102 WVAQ. I’ve always been a music nerd, so I love going to concerts, listening to, and playing music at home. Outside of that, I am very competitive and love playing video games and board games with friends.
5.    Who inspires you?
– My inspiration is my wife. She is such a strong, smart, funny individual. She has always been my number one fan and pushed me to be a better person each day. I love her so much!
6.    How has improved fitness impacted your life? Please provide an example of a result outside of the gym. 
– My fitness level now, thanks to CFM, has increased my self-esteem. I’ve always been a super confident person on the outside but truly thought the worst of myself. NOW, I’ve noticed a change in how I carry myself and present myself at work, at home, around friends, etc. I really like myself now, more than I ever have.
7.    What’s one thing – either fitness-related or not – you learned in the last month?
– To be honest, the last few months since my son died have been a blur. But, I’ve learned how to face and accept every emotion. How to allow me to be both happy, sad, and everything in between. I used to be a person who suppressed all of that, but I’m now a more open, honest person.
8.    What would you say to someone you love to encourage them to try out CFM?
– I would tell them that CFM is full of the best people around. If you have been looking for a place that excels in fitness, but specializes in personality…you’ve come to the right place!