Kevin Armstrong

“The atmosphere at CrossFit Morgantown is amazing, challenging, and supportive. It is a place you will thrive.” 


How long have you been a member at CrossFit Morgantown?

I’ve been a member since November 2019. 


Why did you join?

In my younger years I worked out quite a bit. I got into running for a while in my late 20’s, but never really enjoyed it.  I’ve always enjoyed lifting and in my 30’s and 40’s that seemed to keep me fit, or at least looking fit. During my 50’s, work just seemed to take over, my kids were involved with sports and activities, and it felt harder and harder to find time for me. Now in my 60’s, life has changed. Work still seems to dominate my time, but I really felt a need to take care of my body. – It is not in the shape I’d like it to be. I’m not talking about physical appearance necessarily, but functionality. I want to be able to move, to be active as I age. I felt myself losing that mobility. I still don’t have the time to go to a gym where I have to wait for machines and try to get a lift in. I need to make time, but I needed something different for me to make this lifestyle change. CrossFit Morgantown is perfect for me at this time in my life.


What do you love most about CFM? / What keeps you coming back each month?

What do I love most? There’s a lot actually. Let’s start with why I am there. My body is being challenged in ways that it has never been challenged, even back to my playing days in high school and college. The workouts are one hour of pleasure and pain mixed together very well. I feel my body getting stronger each time. I have more energy and I’m in a better mood. I am beginning to shed a little weight, taking stress off my old joints. I really like that I can get an intense workout in 50-60 minutes. I have a lot of room for improvement, my form is not where I want it to be, mostly because of strength and flexibility. My body didn’t get this way over night, so I am being patient.
What keeps me coming back? Results most importantly. Next, the people. The coaches and members are pretty cool. The coaches help me modify my exercises so I can get the benefits from the movements, they are patient with me as I relearn how to move. The members are awesome, it’s like family. Often times we are in teams, not competing teams, but supportive teams. Everyone is encouraging and pushing each other to get through the workout. At 61 years old I thought I’d be an outlier, as it turns out, there are plenty of people my age. More importantly, it doesn’t matter. It’s a great environment.


“At 61 years old I thought I’d be an outlier, as it turns out, there are plenty of people my age. More importantly, it doesn’t matter. It’s a great environment.”


4)  What is your current occupation? And/or what are some hobbies, clubs, groups, or activities you participate in?   

I own Cheat Lake Life Above The Ordinary, it’s a private monthly publication featuring stories about Cheat lake residents. Our mission is to connect people. Much like Crossfit Morgantown creates community, so does my publication.

I love to golf when I have free time, but that is very limited.

I am the head coach for University High School Girl’s Lacrosse. Prior to this I’ve always coached boys, but three years ago I was asked to coach this high school team. What a blast, these girls are awesome to coach!

Oh, and I love taking pictures of birds. My wife makes fun of me and calls me a bird nerd, but it’s very relaxing watching them visit.


5)  Who inspires you? 

My family inspires me. It’s not easy growing up today. You could argue that growing up is hard for every generation, but with the emergence of social media and always being connected, it can be overwhelming. My oldest, Jack, made it through college playing Division 1 football and is now coaching. My middle child, Ryan, stayed local and started a band called Howitzzer that plays at 123 Pleasant. They are really good too, if you like it loud with guitar solos. Nothing electronic though, which is why he inspires me. – It would be easy to give up, because so many young people think music comes from a computer, but he keeps creating quality original music. My daughter, Sophie, is a freshman at WVU.  She’s going to be a teacher, I love it.  It’s an amazing career where she can inspire young people. She’s heard from many that being a teacher is not the career she should choose, not high powered enough. She went with her heart and she’s gong to influence many for years to come. Cynthia, my wife, is the rock that holds this family together. She is a tireless mother, worker, and a great partner.


6)  How has improved fitness impacted your life? 

I think I described it to a degree in a previous question, but the biggest improvement has been my energy level and my positive outlook. It’s allowed me to run my business more effectively and be a better coach. I can move around better and demonstrate skills with my lacrosse girls. I can also do more push ups! – If the girls can perform a specific skill I have to do push-ups. The other day they out performed themselves. I finished and I couldn’t have done that last season.


7)  What’s one thing – either fitness related or not – you learned in the last month?

The client experience will make or break your business.  Hug your customers.  Show them you care.  It is not hard, it doesn’t have to be big or extravagant, just be there for them.


8)  What would you say to someone you love to encourage them to try out CFM? 

If want you to be able to enjoy life to it’s fullest your entire life, give this a try. If you’ve never exercised like this before, so what.  Start now.  If you’re young, start to develop this habit early in life. The atmosphere at CrossFit Morgantown is amazing, challenging, and supportive. It is a place you will thrive.