Jim Matuga

“…we’re united on a mission to be better people, be more fit and live better lives.” 


How long have you been a member at CrossFit Morgantown?

I joined CrossFit Morgantown in March of 2015 at the invitation of Lincoln Kinkade.  


Why did you join?

I was looking for a way to continue on my fitness journey and working out at a regular gym just wasn’t working for me any longer.  I needed a change. Lincoln urged me to give CFM a try and I’m glad I did!


What do you love most about CFM? / What keeps you coming back each month?

There are several things I could say that keep me coming back:  

a) Community – I’ve made many friends at CFM over the years. Everyone there has different fitness goals, but overall we’re united on a mission to be better people, be more fit and live better lives.  Sweating together definitely brings people closer as friends. LOL 

b) Programming – Jeff Giosi is the most amazing coach I’ve ever worked with.  And truthfully, I would never do these types of workouts (1 hour) if I was working out by myself.  I can scale my workouts to conform with my goals and prevent injury.  

c)  Results –  I love how I feel at my age.  Every day I’m sore from a workout we did a day or two before.  It’s a great reminder of the work I put in to make myself better. 


“I love how I feel at my age.”


4)  What is your current occupation? And/or what are some hobbies, clubs, groups, or activities you participate in?   

I own a marketing agency in Morgantown – InnerAction Media.  My amazing wife Rebekah and I are active volunteers with Chestnut Ridge Church, Chestnut Mountain Ranch, Rotary International, Miracle League baseball, United Way, and we love to spend time in the outdoors traveling, fishing, camping and adventuring. We both have a passion for making West Virginia a better place for all.


5)  Who inspires you? 

I have several people in my life that inspire me, my daughter, my wife, and my son.  For those of you who don’t know, my son Dylan is 29. He was born a 24 week preemie. Since May 2, 1990 he has overcome tremendous odds – not only to survive, but to thrive as a young man with Cerebral Palsy.  Dylan gets around in a wheelchair and can’t take care of his basic needs by himself. However, you won’t meet a more joyful, fun and loving person on the planet. He plays Miracle League baseball, works at PACE on the shredding line and loves music, computers and hanging out with his family and friends.  One of the main reasons I try to stay fit and strong is to be able to lift him, and care for him as we both grow older.


6)  How has improved fitness impacted your life? 

I’m 54.  A lot of men my age have already given up on being fit or “in shape.”  I started on my fitness journey about 15 years ago, as I was about to turn 40.  I was miserable, overweight and was headed for an early grave. I decided to take control of my health at that time.  Since then, I’ve been a runner, triathlete, gym rat, walker, etc. CFM has really impacted my life in functional movements that I use every day such as squatting, lifting my son, moving furniture, etc.  Also, I recently had a test to qualify for lower health insurance premiums called REAL AGE. Taken by more than 45 million people, the scientifically-based assessment shows you the true age of the body you’re living in – the first step towards improving your well-being.  The results are based on blood test results, diet habits, and of course exercise habits. My REAL AGE score came in at 47 years and 3 months. That’s incredible! I credit CFM for a lot of that score, the energy I have every day and lower insurance premiums too!


7)  What’s one thing – either fitness related or not – you learned in the last month?

I host a weekly podcast “Positively West Virginia.”  Each week, I get to talk with amazing business owners across the Mountain State and share their stories with thousands of listeners.  Every episode is filled with things I did not know and am honored to share with the world. In the last month, I learned about Stand Watch Academy, a business established in Putnam County by veteran Zac Northup.  They teach young people how to conceptualize, launch, and lead their own nonprofits, social enterprises, or small businesses. Very cool stuff! 


8)  What would you say to someone you love to encourage them to try out CFM? 

I have encouraged several people to become members and I always say the same thing:  If you want to get better at fitness, want to be a part of an encouraging community who will support you in your fitness journey and want to have fun doing things you’d never do by yourself, JOIN!  Give it 3 months and you’ll be hooked. And you’ll be more fit and better equipped for life. For real!