Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all children’s programs are on hold until further notice.

In The Meantime, We Have The Following CFM Kids Resources Available FOR FREE!

Online P.E. Classes

CrossFit Morgantown owner, Jeff Giosi, hosts an at-home Physical Education class for elementary level students. He provides a quick nutrition lesson, teaches them a basic principle of anatomy, gives a tutorial on a special skill, walks them through a warm-up, and finally leaves them with instruction on how to do a workout on their own. View those HERE.

Crossfit Morgantown P.E. Class Details

CFM Kids COVID-19 Challenge

This is a fun challenge for children to support holistic health through basic lifestyle, exercise, and wellness habits.

CFM Kids COVID-19 Challenge

CFM Kids COVID-19 Challenge Tracker



As the name suggests, Community Fitness of Morgantown strongly believes in community involvement. All CFM Kids will have the opportunity to participate in an optional age-appropriate community service project. Likewise, all CFM Kids and parents will get invitations to special community events focused on the health and wellness of Morgantown’s youth.