In this week’s Potential Podcast episode, I shared with you some easy ways to give without impacting your pocket book. Remember, every little bit counts! To make sure you had easy access to the resources I shared, I wanted to follow-up with this list that includes links to make giving EVEN EASIER! 

**Remember: You matter and giving, of any sort, matters. Never think you don’t have something to give. You do. You can make a huge impact, don’t sell yourself short. 



Giving Ideas

  1. If you don’t feel comfortable giving money, start with something else. Now is a great time to clean out those closets, kitchen utensils, coffee mugs, children’s toys, books, etc. and donate it!) And don’t forget about electronics. Now coil dbe a great time to help out families who are trying to transition to working or doing school from home with laptops, tablets, old cell phones, and more. 
  2. You may also want to consider hair or blood! The American Red Cross would thank you! 
  3. You can also consider saving those Box Tops and Pop Tabs. Pop Tabs are a huge help for organizations like Ronald McDonald House. 
  4. Don’t forget to use your hobbies (painting, crocheting, gift of gab, etc.) 


Resources To Give! 

I LOVE THESE. Here is an opportunity to have others give on your behalf. All of these are pretty easy and should be able to simply monopolize on things you’re already doing (like shopping, running, and searching online.) Give it a try and let me know how it goes! 

Kroger Community Rewards – For all of you Kroger grocery store shoppers, this one is so easy! Just register your Kroger plus card online and you can select a “community rewards” organization. (Local nonprofits that are registered will appear for you to choose from.) This does not take away from your rewards or cost you anything, but a percentage of your total bill will be donated to the organization you select.

Amazon Smile – This can be used with your current account. Just choose an organization, and Amazon will donate .5% of your purchase price to them. 

Goodshop – Choose an organization and then shop. Again, a percentage will be donated to that organization. This one is connected to thousands of online stores including Macy’s, Target, Apple, Gap, and more. You also get coupons to use on the site for the stores you select.

Goodsearch – This is the same site as Goodshop. Just use them as your search engine and they will donate a penny for every search you make through them to the organization you selected.

Benefit – This one is more a cash-back service, but the cash goes to a charity. First purchase a giftcard using the Benefit app then buy something from a participating retailer either online or in-store, using that gift card. A percentage of that purchase will automatically go to the destination of your choice!

Charity Miles – When you walk, run, bike, etc. you can track your activity with the Charity Miles app and turn those miles into charitable donations. The app will log your miles and then choose from a rotating selection of charities. The donations come from sponsor companies, instead of your pocket. 

Altruisto – This one is a Chrome browser extension that works with over 1,000 partner stores to make charitable donations from a portion of your purchases. Those stores include Etsy, eBay, Barnes & Noble, Microsoft and more. The donations are split up between various charities, all of them vetted by 

Giving Assistant – This is a cash-back service that lets you donate your rebates to charity. It works in your desktop browser: Simply click through to the store (Giving Assistant has partnered with thousands of them) where you want to buy something, then make your purchase like you normally would.

SearchScene This is a Microsoft Bing-powered search engine that donates 95% of its profits to causes primarily related to poverty and the environment. Some of those causes include UNICEF, WaterAid and more. The site makes money through advertising, the same as other search engines. The difference is that most of those proceeds go to charity. You can choose specific ones you want to support or just let them all share equally. 

Free Rice – Now for something totally different. – This one is a game! Just go to the Free Rice website and answer one question at a time. They’ll get harder as you go and for each question you answer correctly, the revenue from the banner ads on the website will fund enough to buy 10 grains of rice for the UN World Food Program. 

Tinbox –  This one is just plain easy. You choose a charity to donate to (up to $1 per day), and a corporate sponsor will pay the bill on your behalf. Done and done. 


For those that are new to giving, I hope these ideas and resources will help you to begin to give generously and easily. For those that are already avid givers, I hope these can add a new level to your kindness. 

But, as always, the most important thing you can give is compassion. Take some time this holiday season to listen. It’s never a bad time to give kind words, or show mental and social health support with a simple phone call, card, or tiny kind gesture. Again, no act of giving is too small. 

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! 





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