$110 for a gym membership? Are you kidding me? 

If you think I’m being facetious, I’m not. When Jeff first became the owner of CrossFit Morgantown and the membership fee was $150 a month, my eyes almost popped out of my head. I am a self-proclaimed cheapskate! The first thing we did was change the pricing structure to one set price, no contract, no varying membership prices, and no cancellation fees. That price is now $110 a month (lower for students.) Even so, is $110 too much? I decided to break the numbers down, and here’s what I came up with…

**Note: I am not a statistician or researcher. I break down my numbers for you below and provide links to the resources I found in my research. These numbers may not be exact, but helped me to get a general idea of the national average costs.


Basic Breakdown 

Starting Point: $110 CrossFit Morgantown Unlimited Monthly Membership

Break that down into classes: It’s roughly $5.50 per class (Just for reference: A Big Mac Meal at McDonalds is $5.99) 

**Note: For obvious reasons, I use the pricing and offerings at CrossFit Morgantown in this blog. This does not represent average CrossFit membership prices and/or offerings. CrossFit Morgantown also has the cheapest month-to-month CrossFit membership pricing in the Morgantown area, so keep that in mind if you do your own number crunching using a different gym’s pricing. 


What do you get at Crossfit Morgantown? 

  • Unlimited access to classes
  • All equipment for workouts provided
  • Coached, group fitness classes with assistance and modifications provided by an experienced and professional coach
  • Membership profile with handy smartphone app that will allow you to track your progress and keep a nutrition journal
  • Supporting and loyal community 
  • FREE monthly nutrition seminar
  • FREE access to the children’s zone
  • FREE parking
  • And that doesn’t include the additional perks like the private members facebook page, discounts/free access to other programs offered at the gym, discounts on select merchandise, communication and invites to special gym events and workouts. 


Ok, But What Are The National Averages? 

  • Average Gym Membership Price – $67 per month (This DOES NOT include cancellation and other fees if you decide to discontinue.) 
  • Personal Coaching – $70 per hour 
  • Home Gym Cost – $1,000 – $2,000 (According to Primo Fitness USA.) 
  • What about the intangibles? How do you place a cost on community? Well, looking at an average “club” membership fee of everything from 4-H to the local golf country club, you could be looking at an additional average of $85 per month. (For this number I gathered membership fee information for more than 20 local clubs and took an average.) 


Now, let’s look at this a little differently. What is the cost of sickness? 

Here I gathered national averages for some of the “big” chronic diseases.

**Note: These numbers do not include general medical costs. These are ONLY the numbers for the medical costs directly related to the noted sickness. The numbers listed are per year, per person. In other words, households with more than one individual suffering from any of these would have an even larger burden.

  • Diabetes – $9,601 per year (According to the ADA, on average, people with diagnosed diabetes have medical expenditures approximately 2.3 times higher than what expenditures would be in the absence of diabetes.) 
  • High Blood Pressure – $1,920 per year 
  • Heart Disease – $18,953 per year (Total mean direct medical care costs for patients with established cardiovascular disease.) 
  • Obesity in general – $524 for women and $432 for men (This represents the additional expenses in general health fees, physician visits, blood work, etc. directly associated to being obese.) Here I go with another note… **Note: This does not include the non-health related costs associated with obesity such as life insurance premiums, disability fees, and gasoline. (Did you know that morbidly obese individuals spend $30-$36 more on gasoline?) But scariest of all is the value of lost life due to premature mortality. According to a CrossFit Journal article, “The researchers calculated the value of years of life lost and found that, annualized, the cost of early mortality for a morbidly obese white male is $9,961 (data was only available for Caucasians). For a morbidly obese female, the cost is $7,946.” (Full data and details on how they came up with these numbers available here.) 


Could a CrossFit Morgantown membership help with those health related expenses? 

In short, YES

According to the World Health Organization, chronic disease is responsible for 88% of deaths in the United States in the form of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and more. These deaths do not come quickly. Chronic disease manifests over a lifetime with extreme financial impacts. 



Here’s the deal

CrossFit Morgantown isn’t the sole answer, but I do believe it could be a very important piece of the puzzle. Healthy lifestyle choices have been proven to positively treat and prevent chronic disease. Besides physical fitness, you get support on other healthy lifestyle changes like diet, stress management, and human connection. Just looking at this from the point of view of a financial analysis, that $110 membership can actually save you big bucks! 

So, from this cheapskate to you, I deem this a worthwhile investment. Obviously, I have a bias here, so don’t take my word for it. Crunch the numbers yourself. It may surprise you. 

If you still aren’t ready to prioritize this membership price, or you’re afraid to invest in something without trying it out first, then you can always join us for our FREE Saturday community classes. We also have free no sweat intros for people that are feeling uneasy about jumping right into a class. 

At the end of the day, just do SOMETHING. I promote CrossFit Morgantown because I very genuinely believe it has the staff, supportive community, and programming to make a big a difference. However, you need to find the right atmosphere, program, and system for YOU.


The big takeaway: Investing in your health is worth it and may, ultimately, save you some of those hard-earned dolla dolla bills.