Community Fitness of Morgantown’s physical location will reopen on Monday, May 18, 2020

We were already fully prepared with a thoughtful plan on how to reopen our space in the healthiest way for our community. Below you will see an outline for memberships, communications, facility deep-cleaning, and updated procedures to continue to keep people healthy and safe in our space. All elements are being implemented and the physical location will reopen on Monday, May 18, 2020.

We will continue to offer our virtual and Home Member options. For all individuals that are unable or uncomfortable returning to our physical location, please check out the Member Virtual Resources below.


  • We will continue to host a FREE Community Workout each Saturday at 10a via Zoom. This is free and open to all. 
  • We will continue to host a volunteer opportunity each month that the members may participate in. – All volunteer opportunities will be optional and met with our health guidelines. Many of these may be set up to happen virtually. The schedule for these will come out monthly. 
  • Weekly mindset and motivation support with the Potential Podcast Monday Mindset Minute, subscribe to hear these each Monday morning. 
  • Weekly holistic health discussions and supplementary materials (tip sheets, worksheets, etc.) with the Potential Podcast. Subscribe to hear these every Tuesday. 
  • Weekly holistic health blog posts covering a wide array of topics to support you on your health journey.  
  • Weekly P.E. classes that will be uploaded to the CrossFit Morgantown YouTube page each Monday for elementary level (grades 3-6) students, through Memorial Day. 
  • Weekly Nutrition tips and recipes shared via our various platforms (YouTube, Potential Podcast, Blog, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) 

We will continue to offer our Home Membership option. All members who have the in-facility membership, will also have access to all Home Membership offerings. 

Click HERE For Full Member Details & Offerings


The health and safety of the CrossFit Morgantown community, and the  greater Morgantown/state at-large, is our top priority.  Our mission is to use fitness as a catalyst to support our community and help others recognize their full potential. We cannot do that if we are not taking every precaution to keep our members healthy. 

Community Fitness of Morgantown Health Task Force

Within our membership, we are very blessed to have many health and medical professionals. We have formed a group that is serving us as advisors with their expertise and wisdom as we move forward with a plan to re-open our space. 

This group currently includes the following: 

  • Bonnie Snider-Forman (Physician, CrossFit MDL1 certified) 
  • Shon Rowan (Physician, CrossFit MDL1 certified) 
  • Peter Wentzel (Physician) 
  • Maggie Snively (Nurse) 
  • Kayla Koon (Nurse) 
  • Kate Kozak (Microbiologist) 
  • Lisa Hostutler (Pharmacist) 

Any members that have a strong interest in joining can reach out and be added to this task force. 

Class Procedures/Social Distancing 

The health and safety of our members and community is our greatest priority. We understand that change is hard. It is our duty to provide the safest space possible through this time. With that in mind, we have created a specific plan for each phase of the country’s reopening. We will begin with more intense measures to protect our members, then we will slowly phase some of these changes out as the state and federal government eases mandates. 


  • Class sizes will be limited to 12 per class.
  • Members will be asked to wait in their vehicle until the garage doors are opened. (We will be using only the garage door as an entrance/exit at this time, to avoid touching of door knobs.) 
  • Each member will have a blocked off space to use during the duration of the class, with no less than 10 feet of distance between each.
  • Each space will be set up with all of the equipment needed, including options for various weight sizes and access to a location on the rig.
  • Each space will also have disinfectant spray, paper towels, and individual trash receptacles.
  • Coaches will keep a safe distance from all members, but still provide superior coaching.
  • We will be providing additional sanitation supplies throughout the space, including the restrooms.
  • Based on CDC recommendations, we will be keeping the air-flow at a maximum by keeping all doors (including the garage doors) open as much as possible and keeping all fans turned on.
  • During this time, we will be removing our communal chalk buckets. To make up for this, we will be providing each member with an individual complimentary bag of chalk. 
  • The class schedule has been revised to allow more cleaning time between each class. 

Cleaning Protocols

Cleaning Prior To Reopen: 

This has been happening throughout the closing, but we are completing an additional detailed deep-cleaning in the 48 hours prior to reopening. We have reviewed the CDC guidelines and will be following or going beyond their suggestions. 

Each individual piece of equipment is also being disinfected prior to the reopen. That includes each piece that has been rented during this time. All will go through a disinfection process upon it’s return to the space. 


Ongoing Cleaning: 

  • Each member will be asked to clean their equipment after each use. Each lane will have a bottle with a disinfecting cleaning solution, disposable paper towels, and a trash receptacle. These supplies will be replenished each day. 
  • We are staggering class time to allow for additional cleaning between classes, during which time the staff will be cleaning and disinfecting each piece of equipment. 
  • At the end of each day, we will be using an industrial grade floor scrubber to clean and disinfect the floors. 
  • At the end of each day, we will do an additional wipe-down of equipment and general space. 
  • At the end of each day, we will also be using an industrial grade ULV fogger to disinfect the space. 
  • Restrooms and dressing rooms will also be fogged each night, and will receive a deep-cleaning weekly. 

CrossFit Morgantown Virtual Member Resources 

We want to be in front of this, making decisions in a proactive way as opposed to reactive. With that in mind, we have created a full COVID-19 strategic plan. To see a laid out member plan including calendar of virtual social events, information on at-home workouts, etc. download our Member Information Packet.


    Home Membership Option Now Available!

    Now, more than ever, it is important to stay well and keep our mental health in check. We are doing everything we can to keep our members fit and healthy during this time. If you would like to be  part of our virtual community, and participate in the benefits listed below. Give us a text! We would love to support you through this time!

    Private Member’s facebook Page

    Access HERE.

    **You must be invited to this group. If you are a member and are not currently a member of this group, please friend a coach and send them a message to request access. 

    Connect with your CFM coaches and community virtually! This private group is an amazing way to connect during this time, and provides a wealth of information. Each day we will be posting:

    • A white board briefing video for each workout
    • A daily guided “Mental and Physical Recovery Flow” video (The goal here is to provide a stress relief, stretching, and positive mindset/breathing session)


    Utilize your member login to Wodify! Wodify will give you access to our Level Method based at-home workouts that are programmed in-house for our specific members each day. Each at-home workout will have an option for using equipment or doing the workout without any equipment. These versions of the workouts are specifically designed to be performed at home or outside of the gym and intended to keep you invested in your health and fitness while you are not able to attend our physical location. These workouts will be dynamic, fun, and easy to follow.

    Wodify also serves as another platform for connecting and encouraging each other during this time.


    Zoom group fitness classes will now be offered Monday – Friday at 5:30a, 11:30a, and 5:30p as well as Saturday at 10a.   (Through Zoom, we will be able to gather as a class, see each other, and still get a group fitness session in!)

    Zoom-Dezvous Socials

    We know  we are a main source of social interaction for many of our members. With that in mind, we host fun and casual Zoom gatherings that allow us to engage and check-in during this time of social distancing. We update our “Zoom-dezvous” schedule each week and send those out to the members every Monday. There’s a balance of fun events such as Team Trivia, Murder Mystery Night, or “Office” Watch Party; and educational events such as Small Business Forums, Q&A’s with physicians, and Nutrition Lectures.

    Phoenix Elite At-Home Challenge

    Phoenix Challenge Guide

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        W.V. Students Physical Education Resources

        CFM P.E. Class Details

          CFM Kids COVID-19 Challenge

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              Our YouTube Channel will give you access to our W.V. Student P.E. Classes, movement tutorials, “Giosi Kitchen” recipes and food prep tips, and more.

              Small Business Support

              Now, more than ever, our small local businesses need our support. Did you know that these businesses are owned by CrossFit Morgantown members? Let’s show them our love! Here are some ways you can help!

              • Buy a giftcard to use later
              • Make online or pick-up orders
              • Word of mouth/Referrals
              • Interact, follow, and like on social media

              Additional Resources Provided By Community Fitness of Morgantown

              We are closely monitoring updates from the CDC and WHO regarding COVID-19.

              We will continue to seek guidance from these agencies and public health officials, and we will update you as new information becomes available. We are committed to the health and wellness of our community, members, and staff.