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We all have different goals. Let's find the right program for yours!

Optimized Goal Based Training
We offer three independent goal-orientated programs! The three tracks (Fitness, Sport, and Power) are designed and written in-house just for our members!

Which Program is right for you?
That all depends on your goals. We are all different, which is AWESOME! That is what makes our community so unique, diverse, and strong. Take a look at our program descriptions below to get a better idea of which program may work best for you. 


You want to feel good and look good. Getting in shape and staying in shape is your priority. Healthy living, longevity, and having fun is what your Fitness is all about! Fitness is for anyone who wants to optimize their health and wellness through a holistic, multifaceted, challenging, and fun program. (And look better naked in the process.) Fitness is highlighted by high fives and helping you to become even MORE AWESOME.

Competing in the sport of fitness is your thing. This program is a strength bias program that will feature metabolic conditioning with higher level gymnastic skills and more complex movements. Strength tracks will be built around Olympic lifts and powerlifting movements. Sport is for those individuals who compete in CrossFit, one day hope to compete, or just love the idea of higher volume and more intense workouts. Sport is highlighted by high fives and helping you to become even more awesome! – Interesting, same highlight as Fitness!

You want to be bigger and stronger. You want to lift heavy things (but only a few times and with longer breaks). You love strict and raw strength movements. Your goal isn’t to focus on pull-ups, but maybe it’s to pull the entire bar down. This, like sport, will feature strength bias programming but be more geared to absolute muscle and power. If you love to lift heavy things and aren’t as concerned with oxygen deprivation, you’ve got “Power” written all over you. Abs are sexy but so is lifting a car! Power is highlighted by high fives and helping you to become even more awesome! Same highlight as Fitness and Sport! WOW!


Our Mission statement is about growing a stronger, healthier community and we hope to foster that environment daily at CrossFit Morgantown. Regardless of what program you are following, you will participate in the pre-workout briefing and warm-up as ONE! Several Goals but one team, one class, one community, one mission!




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