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8 Steps for Meeting Your 2016 Goals

By Jeff Giosi | In CrossFit, Coffee, & Community | on December 31, 2015

5… 4… 3… 2… 1… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

2016 2

The countdown has officially begun. 2016 is charging toward you like a cheetah chasing a gazelle on the plains of the Serengeti.


Simple question: Are you ready? Have you prepared properly to make 2016 the greatest year of your life? Are you ready quoteLook, I’m going to ask that again, for real, slow down for one second, because this might be the most
important thing you ask yourself all year… Are you ready to make 2016 the greatest year of your life? Are you ready to accomplish the things you say you want? Are you ready to finally make things happen in your life? Are you ready to be committed? Dedicated? Are you ready to work and grind for the things you desire? Do you have the energy and passion to follow through when your vision gets blurry and the road gets rough? Do me a favor, don’t answer. – Just, listen! Shut your brain off for ten seconds, and listen…


Do you hear it?  I know you do! That faint voice in your heart whispering to you, “Yes”. Listen to it and LET’S GO!

  Lets go label

As 2015 draws to a close, let me ask you: did you accomplish everything you set out to do? Think about it, December 2014 you had an idea or a plan for who you wanted to become in 2015; you set goals or had a resolution. Did you follow through?  Have you become the person you set out to be? Or did those goals and that vision of greatness fade off into the distance like the illusive gazelle when the cheetah doesn’t bring their “A” game?


Unfished Business. 2015 is over!  It is done, we can’t go back, we can’t change anything that happened, so we need to let go and move on. We are not defined by our past unless we allow our past to define us, and that only happens by convincing yourself you are the sum of all your past failures and mistakes. You cannot… I repeat: you cannot, let that idea have a foothold in your life! You must refuse to believe that concept.  It, in and of itself, is a LIE! You have everything you need to be phenomenal, it is already in you! Phenomenal quote  You were given it and it was free! But like anything else, if you don’t tap into it, if you don’t develop it, if you don’t utilize your greatness, it just lays there, dormant, begging for a chance to step out from the shadows and into the light! That small whisper in your heart is your Greatness’s call to action! Listen to it!


Potential Energy Into Kinetic Energy. Right now all your goals and dreams for 2016 are potential energy. You have a vision, maybe you’re even creating a plan. You are working through the details of your plan in your head and excitement starts to build. Wooooooooo!!! You’re starting to get a little fired up thinking about the possibilities in 2016! All of that is awesome and I love that you are creating those pathways for Energy Imagesuccess BUT even the best laid plans are completely useless if they aren’t executed! Here’s the deal: when we want to change something, we begin to envision what we believe could be possible for our lives (or maybe we only get a glimpse of this future reality) which is the catalyst or, the spark, for a dream. At first this spark fuels itself. You think about it, talk about it, plan for it; simply put, you are excited!  We get wrapped up in the excitement of it and that excitement carries us for a while. With so much positive action how do we never reach the summit? Honestly, the hard truth is that excitement can only carry us to a point when the path becomes treacherous. Once we get there, it is not a matter of excitement anymore, it is a matter of WILL! Excitement will deliver us into a critical position, a position that begs two questions, “How bad do you want it?” and “What does this mean to you?”


Commitment. Sadly, this is where most people turn back. This is when we open up our vision to thecomittment Imagepossibility of failure. Seeds of doubt seep in.  We essentially give failure a foothold. Whatever your New
Year’s resolution is, do you think you can stick with it for a month? Two? Maybe even three? Then what? Something derails you and “life” happens. Once the spark of excitement is extinguished and the path is dark, we allow ourselves to start making excuses.


In the fitness industry, I typically hear two things from people.

  1. “I would love to get back in shape but I just don’t have the time”. Let’s be real for a second. – If it was
    truly important to you, if you would truly love to get back in shape, I promise you, you would not find the time but you would make the time! Next time you catch yourself saying you want to do this or that but you “just don’t have the time”, replace it with “that just isn’t a priority to me”.
  2. “I need to lose 20 pounds but my schedule is crazy, I’ll be in when things clam down”. Here is what I know about life, if you think you’re busy now, wait six months and you’ll be even busier! Your schedule is never going to provide you with the perfect time to drop 20 pounds, you need to make the time! Do not procrastinate. By not starting today, right now, who knows how much you’re setting yourself back. Maybe a day, a week, 6 months, or maybe by not starting today, you’ll never start.


Following Through. Let’s keep this simple but, remember, just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s easy.

  1. Set a goal! Figure out what you want.
  2. Purpose! Why do you want it? How is it going to help you and others around you?
  3. Mission! Develop a mission statement for this goal and every decision you make on the journey has to8 be in line with the mission. “Is what I’m doing right now taking me towards my goal, or away from it?”
  4. Plan! Nothing worth achieving comes easy, how are you going to get from where you are to where you
    want to be?
  5. Teamwork makes the Dreamwork! Tell others about your goal and ask for help. This provides accountability and a community of positive influence and encouragement.
  6. Stop Talking, It’s Time to Grind! Get to work! You have a goal, you have a plan, and you have a support group, now it’s time to make it happen! Energy and effort!
  7. Sacrifice! To get the thing you want, you are going to have to let go of what you believe you have right now. You need to be laser-focused on the end-point, the goal has to outweigh everything around you. Your desire to lose 20 pounds has to have more power than that doughnut.
  8. Be Commitment! Feelings fade, commitment remains! How you feel on any given day cannot dictate your performance! The days that make you a champion are the days you feel beat down and exhausted and you push all that aside and get done what needs to get done at its highest level!

Start now


Most people do not know where to start. I get that. Over the next year, I will give you one aspect of holistic

health to implement into your life. These 12 initiatives will lay a foundation to help you create the best year of your life!

January Challenge Card

No added sugar and no artificial sweeteners. Look at the ingredient list of the food you eat, if sugar is listed don’t eat it! If you see names like ASPARTAME, ERYTHRITOL, GLYCEROL, MALTITOL, SACCHARIN, SORBITOL, SUCRALOSE, XYLITOL, and several others, don’t eat it. This is your January challenge. Your step 1.


“Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality. It is the words that speak boldly of your intentions. And the actions which speak louder than the words. It is making the time when there is none. Coming through time after time after time, year after year after year. Commitment is the stuff character is made of; the power to change the face of things. It is the daily triumph of integrity over skepticism.” 

~ Abraham Lincoln


January Recipe of the Month

1 serving of oatmeal, gluten free

1 medium banana, sliced

1 serving of Almond Butter

Combine in a bowl and cook with 1 cup of water

Add 1 to 2 scoops of your favorite grass-fed protein

Use cinnamon to taste


Finally, before I start my New Years-ing, I’ll answer some coffee questions that were submitted after last month’s blog posted.

Q: Should you always drink organic? (Dan Kreiner)

A: Always Drink Organic! Coffee is one of most over treated crops. Ordering online, Deathwish Coffee is my favorite! Locally, (this comes as no surprise) I recommend Farmhouse Cafe. They brew all organic.

Q: Which has more caffeine, light or dark roast? (Preston Tucci)

A: It’s a good question, and a tough one to answer. Frankly, the amount of caffeine can vary depending on a number of different factors. – Measuring method (weight vs. scoops), type of bean, amount of water, etc. Although dark tastes richer and you would think it is stronger, that is not always the case. So don’t judge a bean by it’s roast. Either way, I am a Dark Coffee Man!

As always, if you have any questions about topics related to CrossFit, Coffee, or Community please send them my way. I can’t guarantee I’ll have the answers, but I’ll do my best to help!


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