Coach Spotlight: Madelynn LaCoe

Madelynn LaCoe

“Everyone is so welcoming and nice, and everyone is there to support each other, judgement free.”

1.    What is your coaching experience?
I have been coaching gymnastics for five years, the first two just helping with the tiny class kids, then in the next years moving onto helping with team girls, and eventually becoming an assistant coach for the upper levels, which I have been doing for two years. I have been coaching CrossFit for four months!
2.    What do you like most about coaching at CFM?
– I love coaching at CFM because I get to help create a fun and energetic environment for others to workout in. I also love helping people reach their goals.
3.    What is your favorite CrossFit movement/workout and why?
– I think my favorite movement might have to be handstand walks. I really enjoy being upside down, it’s when I’m most comfortable!
4.    How does coaching at CFM differ from your previous coaching experiences? 
– Coaching at CFM is definitely different from coaching gymnastics for a lot of reasons, but one is how my style of coaching changes. Coaching adults and kids is more similar than you might think, but it is just different movements.
5.    What are some hobbies/clubs/activities you participate in?
– I am very invested in the gymnastics community, I spend most of my time traveling to meets and camps with the girls. When I am home I love to hang out with my kitten, Milli!
6.    Who inspires you?
– I am inspired by everyone that I coach. Whether it be a little girl who works at a skill until she gets it perfect, or a CFM member that doesn’t love running but has the determination to get through it! I admire those little qualities in everyone and try to live with them.
7.    What’s something fitness/wellness related you want to accomplish?
– I would love to get more confident and comfortable with barbell movements.
8.    What would you say to someone you love to encourage them to try out CFM?
– I would say to just give it a try! That everyone is so welcoming and nice, and everyone is there to support each other, judgement free.